ARBA Tans (all colors) & Opal Mini Satins

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Just for fun:  Super cute video of my quarter horse colt Shenanigan:


BOV Chocolate with a super nice Sr. Doe

1st place Black Sr. Buck with one of my last sons of Red Bull.

Congrats to Nadine Percival for winning BOSV Lilac with a great little Jr. doe out of one of her does & one of my bucks... this cross also produced the 4th place chocolate Jr. doe & 3rd place blue Jr. buck.. we are re-breeding this cross in November, 2014 for Tan Nationals babies!



100 % of our Tan breeding stock is registered (most with   R & W Registrations, many with R,W,B & now several with GOLD!)  95 % of all Tan breeding stock are Grand Champions!







We raise, show & sell top quality Tan rabbits (and now Copper & Tort mini satins) in upstate NY.

#1 in Tan sweepstakes for years 2006, `07, `08, `09, `10, `14, & `15!

Many BOV's at National Convention & Tan Nationals since `02 (when we started showing at nationals) also, BOS at both `08 & `09 ARBA National Convention.  Won BOB at `08 Tan Nationals, & BOS at `09 Tan Nationals & BOB at the `10 Tan Nationals.

See winnings page for complete list of Nationals level wins!



2/6 & 2/7/16 -  PaSRBA in Lebanon, PA

3/12/16 - Horseheads, NY

3/19/16 - Cape May Courthouse, NJ (judging - Pending)

 4/16 & 4/17/16 - Canton, OH (Tan Nationals)